Grace on Mercer

After more than 15 years designing for her own personal label, designing the uniforms for Virgin Australia and going on to win Project Runway in 2008, Juli created a unique capsule collection, Grace on Mercer.


Grace on Mercer was borne when Juli was living in New York, designing women’s ready to wear, fashion forward uniform solutions for prominent international businesses, working tirelessly and travelling constantly. This lifestyle reinforced to Juli the necessity for women to have a variety of great pieces that they can travel with; that can go from business class to boardroom, to a chic evening out at any time of the year.     

Absolute precision and attention to detail ensure that every Grace on Mercer piece flatters the woman’s body, whilst also providing comfort. Whether it be creating the perfect neckline for a V-neck t-shirt, a smooth and flattering waistband or designing the optimal hem curve on a blouse, no detail has been overlooked. This impeccable fit has been obtained through Grbac’s extensive product testing, indefatigable refining and an inherent understanding of what a woman needs.